US based tuner Switzer Performance has revealed their latest custom-ready performance packages for the 2008 Porsche GT2. These packages vary from a simple software revision to a more comprehensive $39,000 deal that can bring a 800 hp custom Porsche GT2 in your garage.
So if you wonder how it was made possible, the company explains that for the Switzer Porsche 911 GT2 they have upgraded the Garret GT30R-based turbochargers that are now able to compress massive amounts of air and the heat that is generated as a result is channelled to the engine through Switzer’s own MONSTER intercoolers. Larger injectors and an oversized throttle-body have also been fitted and they now operate at an optimized level through Switzer’s DME software calibrations.
Porsche 911 GT2 by Switzer video :

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Source: Switzer