Volvo models will benefit from new Polestar Performance Parts, in order to compete to simmilar aportu packages offered by the German rivals: S-Line, M and AMG kits. The Polestar line will include enhancements for the Volvo S60, V40, V60 and XC60 models to begin with, including chassis parts, wheels, exhaust, interior and exterior details.

The Polestar Performance Parts can be purchased as a complete package, including chassis parts, wheels and tyres, intake and exhaust, as well as exterior and interior parts.

All of these components will be available in combination with the Polestar Performance Optimisation, and can be bought in separate packages as well.

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All Polestar Performance Parts are developed and tested together with Volvo Cars to the same high standards as all other products.All Polestar Performance Parts are designed under the philosophy "Made to Perform", fully utilising the 20-year motorsport experience of the engineers and racing drivers from Polestar and its motorsport partner Cyan Racing.

The Polestar Performance Parts will be available from participating Volvo dealers in April. Prices are yet to be announced. Further Volvo models will be included in the Polestar Performance Parts range in due course.