Ok so you plan on selling your car. What are the first few options that initially come to mind?
If we were to do a little bit of guessing we would say that you would probably think of one of your friends, you might consider placing a ‘For Sale’ sticker on it, you might list your vehicle online hoping that someone interested would get in touch with you or you could also address a dealer for a buy back.
All these options work to some extent, but they are time consuming, they involve negotiation and they might also require you to spend extra money.
What if there was a another way of selling your car online? An option that will get you an instant offer through the usage of bespoke software that will respond with more than just a generic figure obtained though automated processing.
Well that option exists, it is called wewillbuyyourcar.com, and it is a free service that will also mean free collection from anywhere in the UK once an offer has been made and agreed upon.
So for those asking themselves ‘How to sell my car online?‘ go to the above mentioned address, fill in your vehicles details, check out the offer and then discuss the payment options and the place from where the vehicle should be picked up.
You can choose the most convenient location, weather it is your home, your workplace, the airport or somewhere else.
As far as payment, the fastest way is through an electronic transfer which means that cleared fund will become available in your account in usually less than 15 minutes. The transfer will be free of charge.
Remember that you won’t have to release the car until you have confirmed with your bank that the money are in your account.