The officials from JLR have presented a complete foto gallery with the brand new 2013 Range Rover. The model will debt at 2012 Paris Motor Show.  

The new model, described as the world’d most rafined SUV, is is lighter, stronger and more modern, with an overall look that still incorporates the brand’s iconic design features.
As a premiere in the SUV segment, the vehicle ses a lightweight all-aluminium monocoque body structure which helps it shave as much as 420 Kg of its mass and enables improved consumption and emission figures. Thanks to this feature, the fourth generation Range Rover is weighting 39 percent less than its predecessor. 

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Details regarding powertrains and dimensions are still unknown, but until now, the officials the did say the car is more spacious, as if features a longer wheelbase that enables an extra 118mm worth of legroom at the back.
Also, the company said that customers will be able to choose between a supercharged V8 petrol, and the TVD6 and TVD8 diesel engines for propulsion.

Source: Range Rover