PSA Peugeot Citroen will reduce production of its 208 model by 33% at Poissy plant near Paris. The reason? Current European economic situation that is going to get worse.
Starting tommorow, the 208 will drop from 52 to 35 models built per hour at Poissy factory. Same situations for the Trnva plant in Slovakia, that also produces the french mini.
"We need to adapt to the market" a PSA spokeswoman declared today. "We have success, but in a very difficult market, which is why we have to downsize production, both at Poissy and Trnva. It is going down from 52 to 35 at Poissy, I don’t have the Trnva numbers”, stated the official.
Same official also affirmed that "the reduction is starting now, while the night shift will be stopped at the end of December. The 208 does have success. At the end of August is second in the B-segment, behind Volkswagen Polo."

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The French automaker added that temporary workers would not have their contracts renewed.

PSA said that factory group overcapacity was becoming worse this summer, with European plants running at 76% utilisation in the first half of 2012. Last year, the total utilisation was at 86%.

Source: Peugeot