How about living with a Ferrari 360 Modena every day? It is a car that suits this need or it is just a car created exclusively for the track or Sunday afternoons?
Doug DeMuro, a contributor for Jalopnik, made a short video that explains the disadvantages of this car, a red 360 Modena. He made the video after it was criticized some months ago for saying that even a Ferrari can be an everyday car.
It looks like something changed his mind and he decided to tell the story of a an entire week spent inside a Ferrari.
Some disadvantages of a Ferrari as an everyday driver.

  • Limited seating
  • Concerns about damage
  • Concerns about parking
  • Expensive repairs at dealership
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Expensive insurance
  • Car gets a lot of attention (as expected)
  • Driving on poor quality roads
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