Opel has also released its share of details and photos pointing to the new Mokka, the crossover which will be sold under the Vauxhall badge in the UK, also known as the Buick Encore in the US.
There’s little to be said now about the Opel Mokka other than the fact that this is the first German manufactured model to under the sub-compact SUV segment.
Unlike the Encore which only gets the 140HP Ecotec 1.4L turbo four-cylinder unit, the Mokka will also be available with a 1.6 liter naturally-aspirated powerplant rated at 115 HP (85 kW) and 200 Nm of torque and a 93 kW/130 hp 1.7 CDTI turbo diesel with 300 Nm of torque.
The Opel Mokka can be equipped with 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions with power being sent to either just the front wheels or all-four-wheels.
In order to maximize efficiency, all the engines are fitted with Start Stop technology as standard, although we don’t have any projected economy figures mentioned in today’s release.
Opel CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke said that "The Opel Mokka takes its strengths from traditional, larger SUVs and fits them into a modern compact format" "The Mokka extends Opel’s vehicle line and continues the momentum we’ve
built up over the last few years with our strong product offensive. It
also energizes the new SUV B-segment that is predicted to grow
considerably over the next years."
As we’ve already mentioned in the previous post, the Mokka is about versatility and user-friendly functionality by providing 1,372 liters of loading space, 19 storage locations, a new generation rear bicycle carrier Flex-Fix (optional) and numerous upmarket technologies such as Advanced Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+) based on the 3rd generation Bi-Xenon lighting system or the Opel Eye front camera.
The Opel Mokka price will be announced as we get closer to the new crossover’s on sale date (towards the end of 2012).  

Source: Opel