As you may have read, Opel is taking orders for the latest generation Astra Sports Tourer. In order to celebrate the market launch, the German car manufacturer is inviting us to take a look back at its station wagon history. 

This trend started for Opel in 1963 when the Opel Kadett A was introduced. It was the first station wagon of the company and it was able to offer a large trunk and room for up to six people thanks to a third row of seats. 

And the Kadett A was a big hit. In three years the Germans have sold 650,000 units and it was time for a replacement: the more powerful Kadett B. This happened in 1965 and the new model was an international success with export quota reaching 50 percent. The Kadett B was sold in 120 countries around the globe. 

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In 1973 the Kadett B was followed by the Kadett C and in 1979 it was time for unveiling the Kadett D. In all those years, the station wagon models sold by Opel reached 3.8 million units. The last Opel Kadett was launched in 1984 and it was the Car of the Year title. 

But more than that, the last Kadett was sold in no less than 3,779,289 units. The Opel Kadett was replaced by the Astra in 1991 and the first station wagon based on the new model. Named Caravan Club the model had 115 horsepower and an active belt system as standard on all versions. In 1998 the model was replaced by the second generation which also received a range-topping version: the Astra OPC Caravan. 

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The Astra H was unveiled in 2004 and had 12 engines with power ranging from 90 to 240 horsepower. This one was followed by the J generation that debuted in 2010. 

Last, but not least is the 2016 Opel Astra Sports Tourer that was revealed in 2015 during the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

Source: Opel