Opel has revealed its 2017 launch program. It is called 7 in 17 and is part of a bigger plan. According to the German car manufacturer, in 2017 we will see seven new Russelsheim-based models. 

“With these seven new models for 2017 Opel will become a completely different brand within the next 12 months”, said Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann comments. The first to arrive will be the Ampera-e which was revealed during the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The electric model offers sports car performance and the spaciousness of a five-door in the compact class with 500 electricity range. 

Next on the list will be Crossland X, a new SUV that will replace the current Meriva. The crossover will also be joined by “an especially sporty crossover model” from the compact class. 

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Also in 2017 we will see the new generation Insignia. Named Insignia Grand Sport, the model will feature a Monza-inspired exterior, more space and high-end gadgets. The new Insignia will be offered in three body styles (sedan, station wagon and Country Tourer). 

The last new model which is scheduled in 2017 is going to be a refreshed Vivaro. 

“We are making electro-mobility feasible for everyday driving with the Ampera-e. The second-generation Insignia shows a new elegance, lightness and athleticism. And with the equally new crossover vehicles in the B and C segments we are extending our portfolio in a decisive area, which will give our growth significant additional impetus”, said Neumann.

Source: Opel