The famous RM Auctions house is going to put on sale the oldest surviving Ford, a Model A, built in 1903. The car, originally sold with only $880, along with $30 options, is in it’s 109 years of existence.
And since its birth, the car had only five owners. Originally the car was bought by Herbert L. McNary, a butter maker from Iowa. The first owner held the car for five decades and started a complete restoration in 2007.
Even under the hood there is an identical engine as the one found on the original model, without any changes or added technologies. The car has a two cylinder 1.7 liter engine, capable of 8 hp, mated to a two speed gearbox. During his days of glory, Model A could reach a top speed of 45 km/h.
Built during 1900 and 1903, the Model A was produced in only 1750 units. None of them, except the one ready to be auctioned, survived the ages. The RM Auctions house expects to fetch between $300.000 and $500.000.

Source: Ford