Nurburgring management has announced that lots of changes will be made to the track. First of all, most likely the speed limits on the track will be soon lifted. As you may have read, back in mid-June, the track records were banned following a fatal crash during a race from the VLN Endurance championship. 

According to Nurburgring management a total of 16 developments on the track will be made. Carsten Schumacher, CEO, disclosed that the Quiddelbacher Hohe and the double right-hander of Flugplatz will be changed between November 2015 and March 2016.

“Based on a detailed survey we will renew 500 meters of the track surface in the area Flugplatz, thereby eliminating five bumps that have arisen over the many years of hard-use”, said Carsten Schumacher. 

Other modifications include bigger fences on different places.

Source: WCF