Nissan Leaf is not a success anymore. Not even in the United States, were he was competing with Chevrolet Volt. To save the tumbling sales, the Japanese manufacturer will develop a more affordable version of the Leaf.
The lower-cost variant will be added as part of a 2013 model face-lift and it will lose some options found on the higher trim levels. This decision comes after Nissan managed to sold only 5212 Leaf units this year, until September.
A bad result, considering that until now, the sales are down compared to the 7199 units found in the first nine months. Both results are disappointing, because Nissan wanted to sell 20.000 units every year.
The Leaf, which went on sale in December 2010, is priced from $36,050, including shipping, and is eligible for a $7,500 U.S. tax credit. Its base price is below the Volt’s, but bove the Prius Plug-in. We are not certain 

Source: Nissan