Nissan tries a different way to promote its current crossovers on the UK and European market. The X-Trail, Juke and Qashqai can protect you from the sun. So, instead of oiling you with SPF 50 sun cream, you can jump in one of the three crossovers. At least this is what Nissan says.

Nissan has revealed for the first time just how tough the UV protection is on its crossovers such as the Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail. The answer is the equivalent to Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 500.

All new Nissan crossovers come with a multi-layer paint finish which has been tested to endure the most extreme temperatures in the world. During development, Nissan’s engineers expose sample paint panels to 500 watts per square metre of UV light, which is more than 10 times the UV radiance of natural sunlight.

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The hi-tech light bulbs in the new chamber emit 92,000 watts of intense heat, which is equivalent to 2,300 of the 40-watt type found in many homes. Combined with elevated temperature inside the chamber, the cabin of any crossover on test reaches 120 degrees Celsius. To ensure durability at the other end of the temperature spectrum, it can also drop to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

It’s not just paint that’s tested with UV light. All plastics, seat fabrics and adhesives go through the same rigorous development process to make sure they can cope with extremes of temperature.