Everyone knows the Renault Twizy, the little electric vehicle with a futuristic design and urban vocation. From now on he will be found also in Japan, but not under the same name or the same concept.
In the Renault Nissan group, synergies are obviously many. That is the reason why the small Renault Twizy receives a Japanese brother, with Nissan logo on the bonnet.
Unlike its twin French, the Nissan clone is not sold on the Japanese market. Presented as an experimental design just two years ago, he now finds himself on the streets of Yokohama in mass- production form and ready for an interesting initiative.
Eight copies of the badged Nissan small electric vehicle are destined to be used free of charge in the district Minato Mirai. No price to pay for the rented car. You just have to book it, via the internet, for a maximum of three and a half hours.
Nissan says that the car will remain in service until the end of January 2013.

Source: Nissan