After we saw Opel concerned about the weight of its cars, another major manufacturer promise to lower the kilos in its cars y the end of this year. Nissan`s resolution for 2016 is to shed the pounds on its passenger car range.

The company’s ‘Lightweighting Programme’ will produce a pioneering prototype material structure designed to be used in the floor of the vehicles of the future. And it hat doen`t sound strange, get a hold to that: Nissan will draw on the materials and techniques used in the motorsport and aerospace industries including the materials used in space travel.

In addition to the ‘Lightweighting Programme’ Nissan is involved in an extensive mass reduction programme, which has resulted in a 90 kg weight loss for the X-trail and 40 kg for the new Qashqai. Under this existing programme, Nissan engineers use lighter stronger materials while still allowing for the extensive addition of extra equipment.

Nissan’s efforts in the ‘Lightweighting Programme’ will improve performance, fuel consumption and counteract the weight of the increasing amount of technology being built into vehicles. The prototype being produced will test the viability of the new part.