Nissan has a long list of brand ambassadors who try to spread the word about electric cars. Currently, Nissan is one of the most experienced EV manufacturers, building the Leaf model, which has surpassed 500.000 clients since its introduction in 2010. The latest brand ambassador to share its Nissan EV experience with a Leaf is Eden Hazard.

Belgium international and Real Madrid C.F. football player and Nissan LEAF owner, Eden Hazard shares his electric experience to inspire more drivers to join him and switch to a 100% electric vehicle.

Father of four, Eden acknowledges his children were a huge driving factor behind his own decision to join the EV revolution. Choosing to drive a LEAF was fuelled by the ambition to secure a cleaner future for his family.

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Since experiencing first-hand the positive impact EVs can have on the environment, Eden wants to share his experience in the hope of encouraging more drivers to switch to electric mobility.

First time experiencing a Nissan LEAF with Formula E racing driver Oliver Rowland for an unforgettable track day last year, Eden was impressed with its acceleration and power. Witnessing the thrilling limits of an EV solidified his own decision to choose an electric vehicle.