After it introduced the self-healing paint for the Infiniti models, Nissan is now ready to offer another revolutionary paint. The Japanese manufacturer becomes the first producer to apply glow-in-the-dark car paint.

worked with inventor, Hamish Scott, creator of Starpath, which is a spray-applied coating that absorbs UV energy during the day so that it glows for between 8 and 10 hours when the sun goes down.   Starpath was meant to make paths or roads glow in the dark.
While glow-in-the-dark car wraps and glowing car paint are already available, the bespoke, ultraviolet-energised paint created especially for Nissan is unique thanks to its secret formula made up of entirely organic materials.
It contains a very rare natural earth product called Strontium Aluminate, which is solid, odourless and chemically and biologically inert. Nissan’s unique paint, if made commercially available, would last for 25 years.