The GT-R began its 5th year of sales. It is more than ever a benchmark among supercars. With more than 500 copies sold in France, it is also at the level of supercars, a real commercial success. There is going to be a very limited edition that will honour the succes of the car in France.

Limited Edition Series Gentleman will only have ten units, no more. Either by a Nissan High Performance Centre, France and Benelux. They will be numbered 001/010 to 010/010.

This first limited series was created to meet the wishes of customers looking for a refined supercar. It is positioned just above the Black Edition. It is on the latter that it is based in terms of equipment.

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Available only in Grey Squale, this limited edition has an exclusive amber red leather interior. The seams are hand sewn and the front seats have a particularly rewarding finish. This upholstery extends partially driving but also to gear lever knob, the lever gaiter and handbrake. Finally, it covers the handles and door panels and covering up the table passenger side edge.

In addition to this tack, the GT-R will receive an exclusive Gentlemen Edition pack. Bag, glasses case and covering pockets in stitched leather created specifically come indeed enrich the equipment of the car.

Finally, the car features a discrete specific identification titanium on each front fender. And, a numbered titanium customizable to the owner placard is displayed on the dashboard.