The next generation BMW 7 Series might get a fully electric version, according to some rumors. As you all know, BMW has a strict plan regarding the electrification in its line-up and this is why we get some interesting news every day. 

According to BMW Blog, the 7 Series might get a 100% electric variant in 2021 as the new generation will be on the market. The car can get the i7 name and it will be equipped with a generous electric system. 

The power will be at least of 650 horsepower, while the battert pack might vary from version to versions. It is said that the standard version might get an 80 kWh battery pack while the top of the line will be equipped with a 120 kWh battery. 

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As a result the model will be able to deliver more than 700 kilometers with one single charge. Also, the next generation 7 Series will continue to be offered with diesel and petrol units as well as some plug-in hybrid versions.