Tiff Needell is back on the screen testing sportscars, with his latest appearance marking a battle between new vs old in which the Jaguar XKR S is put to the test against the iconic XJ200.
This sportier version of the XKR, badged with an additional letter, the S, produces 550 HP and costs a total of 100,000 GBP (20,000 GBP more than the car on which is based). At a first glance the XKR S might seem overpriced, but according to Tiff, its tag is well justified not only by its sport exhaust, lowered suspension, engine which packs an additional 40 horses or the 16 way adjustable driver’s seat, but mainly by the fact that its handling has been greatly improved.
As for the Jaguar XJ200, this iconic supercar that was launched 17 years ago in 1994 was back then crowned as the fastest road going car on the planet and had a matching price tag of 400,000 GBP. Its power is equal to the one in the XKR S, meaning 550 HP so what Tiff wanted to know is which of these two is faster on a straight line and around the track.  
We won’t tell you which came first so you’ll have to find out for yourself by watching the video below the jump. 
Video: Jaguar XKR S vs Jaguar XJ220

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Source: FifthGear via YouTube