Four years ago, BMW and Toyota have teamed up in order to deliver some special feelings thanks to new sports cars. The years have gone so fast, but the plans are still there. According to a recent report, BMW and Toyota will deliver their joint-venture model in a few years.

“One part of the next phase will be deciding who builds the car – which company and in which country. We need to find out where the markets are and whether the biggest markets are the same for both companies”, said one of the BMW board member. 

The first model to come is the Toyota Supra. Yes you have read correct. The Supra is about to be revived. The model will be made on the carbon fiber core platform delivered by BMW and will also feature a hybrid powertrain. Later, BMW will come with the Z5 model. 

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On the design side, the new Toyota Supra will be heavily inspired by the Toyota FT-1 concept, the prototype that was unveiled in 2014 during the Chicago Motor Show. The engine will be at the front but the power will go at the back. The new Supra will be positioned above the GT86 model. 

Source: Blowride