With the Inception, Peugeot will return to the US. Not in an official way, but in a showcase mode. The Inception will be the French company muse for the upcoming design philosophy. It will be just a show car and nothing else, and it won’t bring back Peugeot in the US as an available manufacturer.

The new Peugeot Inception will be unveiled in January 5th during the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

In order to keep the fans happy, the French car manufacturer has decided to come up with a video teaser and some teaser pictures. Peugeot refers at the Inception as a BEV-by-design, and this means we can expect to see some coupe-like exterior.

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Another important fact is that on the Inception, Peugeot will unveil the new generation of its i-Cockpit interior. After the Las Vegas reveal, the tech will be introduced in the all-new production models made by Peugeot.