Bentley will try to convince its fans that it can sell them almost everything. Including a stereo system, as long as it has the Bentley logo on it.

The Naim for Bentley Mu-so and Mu-so qb are the names of the two stereo systems made available by the UK manufacturer. 

The design of the Naim for Bentley Mu-so and Mu-so qb reflects 100 years of Bentley heritage and craftsmanship. The rotary control features Bentley’s signature knurling. The wooden speaker cabinet is wrapped in a layer of anodised aluminium to provide a natural sound free from distortion, and the grille is finished in Portland, a signature colour from the exclusive Bentley palette.

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The premium patterned aluminium casework matches the Naim for Bentley speaker grille motif in the Bentley Bentayga. On the contemporary acrylic base, a Naim for Bentley logo is subtly illuminated when the speaker is turned on.

It delivers 450 watts of power through six high-quality speakers. A 32-bit digital signal processor runs software tuned in Naim’s listening room. The compact Mu-so qb, which can stream music on its own (or be linked with the Mu-so), delivers 300 watts to create a sound that defies its smaller size.

The Naim for Bentley Mu-so is priced at £1,195 and the Mu-so qb at £750.