MTM is among the first to offer an upgrade program for the new Audi A7, although the German tuner has kept things simple, but with the intention of creating a more driver-focused executive racer.
At the exterior the MTM Audi A7 received the company’s Bimoto 9-spoke design alloy wheels, and a new diffuser which accommodates the 4-tailpipe exhaust system.
In terms of engine performance, the tuner has worked on the 3,0 TDI quattro version by revising the engine electronics and enabling the MTM Audi A7 to produce 285 HP (210 kW) instead of 244 HP (180 kW).
The MTM Audi A7 has also received special wheel spacers (20 or 30 mm round head per axle) and an electronic lowering module is also on its way.

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Source: MTM