Even though the new generation Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI was already launched, Mountune is interested in helping owners of the previous Golf GTI. Mountune52 has developed its most advanced power upgrade yet for the Golf 7 and Golf 7.5 GTI. The STAGE 2+ calibration provides a significant increase to both power and torque, whilst retaining the OEM features that have seen the GTI become one of the most popular hot hatches in history.

The GTI’s peak power has been increased to 385 PS with torque increased to 510 Nm – an increase of 75 PS and 35 Nm from the Stage 1 upgrade package, reducing the 0-60 time to 5.2 seconds. With a stock Mk7 & 7.5 GTI producing 220 PS and 350 Nm, the STAGE 2+ unlocks 70% more power, delivering unrivalled performance whilst retaining the GTI’s renowned drivability.

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Making the significant upgrades in performance possible, an IS38 turbocharger, as standard on the Golf R, is fitted to the GTI’s four-cylinder petrol engine. In addition to the turbocharger, a bespoke calibration really brings the GTI to life. Drivers are put firmly into the driving seat with the performance calibration, delivering a previously unseen level of power and torque GTI owners, as well as the possibility of fully disabling their vehicle due to an anti-theft setting.

Through the use of the mTune handset, users can decide if they want more performance, changing their calibration in a matter of minutes. An uprated clutch, also available through mountune52, allows users to truly make the most of the new calibration but all modes can be used regardless of whether the clutch has been upgraded or not. New to the mountune52 STAGE 2+ upgrade package, a TCU DSG calibration upgrade is also available for those with a DSG transmission.

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Customers can either choose to fit the package from the comfort of their own home or have it fitted by one of mountune52’s expert engineers at mountune HQ in Hutton, Essex. Those opting for fitting by a mountune52 professional are also entitled to an oil and filter service.