Even if some people might consider this as a waste of time, real passionate BMW owners prefer to collect their new bimmers inside the famous BMW Welt in Munchen. Regarded as a temple dedicated to BMW history, technology and even food, the BMW Welt also serves as a delivery point for clients who want to get close to what BMW has to offer. 
Every year a growing number of customers from all over the world opt to collect their new BMW in Munich. In 2014, the BMW Welt set a new record of around 22,500 vehicle-delivery customers. 
Each customer receives personal attention with an individual programme for the day of delivery. Depending on the customer’s interests, options range from a reception in the exclusive Premium Lounge to a tour of the main plant and the BMW Welt, to a visit to the BMW Museum

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Delivery of the first of BMW’s new electric vehicles also got off to a successful start this year, with a total of 31 BMW i3s and 35 BMW i8s presented to their new owners at the BMW Welt.
Sports personalities also like to sample the BMW brand experience. Several vehicles were presented to the German Ice Hockey Federation in January 2014, for example, and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, also had his photo taken with the BMW M3 in the BMW Welt delivery arena.