After it refreshed the standard range of the current Outlander, Mitsubishi applied the modifications also to its plug-in hybrid version, the Outlander PHEV. The European version of the Outlander PHEV is expected to make its debut during this fall, in Frankfurt Motor Show.
The new Outlander PHEV features a new front end look designed around the Dynamic Shield front fascia concept. The interior brings an enhanced quality feel while improvements to the body, chassis and powertrain see a significant advance in interior quietness, acceleration, handling and stability, ride quality, environmental performance and other aspects of driving performance and quality.
Running stability and steering response have been upgraded by improved front suspension cross member and increased body stiffness. Both cornering performance and ride comfort have been raised to new heights by increasing capacity of front struts and rear shock absorbers and using larger-diameter rear stabilizers.
Optimization of the Plug-in Hybrid EV System control and reduction in engine friction have reduced CO2 emissions from 44 g/km to 42 g/km.
The use of LED daytime running lights housed within the LED headlight module, together with a rear combination lamp including LED stop-lamps generate a modern and advanced appearance. The Outlander PHEV also uses exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone machined and lustrous surface finish.
Seat upholstery design and material have been revamped; and in addition to the existing sporty black leather trim,Outlander PHEV is now available with luxurious brown leather trim. The seats themselves use styled padding and trim lines which follow the shape of the occupant’s body to provide an outstanding fit. In addition, accent stitching is used both in the seats and door trim; the door trim inserts are now padded.
The new Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle capable of supplying electric power to the home, adding to its utility value even when parked.
The instrument cluster hood gets accent stitching, the newly-designed large center console uses a finish mirroring the elegance of Japanese black lacquer used in traditional Japanese craftwork, and black stream patterns as well as lustrous accents are used in the dashboard and door trim ornament panels.