Tokyo Motor Show is very important for Mitsubishi. The Japanese manufacturer will unveil a brand new concept, called Emirai 3 XDAS. The prototype was created to show us the next-generation driving-assistance technology.

Among the most important features, the Emirai 3 XDAS will feature 3D Head-up display (HUD) which provides three-dimensional images of objects up to more than 10 meters ahead of the driver so that the driver can keep their eyes on the road ahead. 

The concept equipment can be operated without having to look at the display. The operator’s hand profile and motions are detected for simplified adjustment of air temperature and music volume. Wearable device vibrates to notify specific passengers of information, etc. as required.

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And there is even more. The driver’s operating condition is sensed with a camera and a cardiograph that is based on a non-contact cardiograph co-developed with the National University Corporation Kyushu Institute of Technology. The driver’s face direction and line of sight are sensed via a camera. A cloud-based application analyzes the driver’s physical condition by comparing current behavior with past behavioral data stored in the cloud. If fatigue is detected, suitable rest stops are recommended.

Proactive analysis of map data, for example, to identify intersections with poor visibility, and then display side-camera views looking up and down the cross street. Further, the system learns to react automatically whenever the same location/situation is reencountered.