The Beijing Motor Show is around the corner and every car manufacturer who will be there has somethig to show us. This time we are talking about MG, a British car manufacturer that many years ago managed to come with some interesting sports cars. Now they don’t but they are strugling to deliver an SUV.

The MG is part of SAIC Chinese company and during the Beijing Motor Show it will unveil a concept of an SUV. The car will be based on the current SAIC Roewe RX8, a model that is sold exclusively in China. 

According to our sources, the production model will be ready in 2019, but first, let’s see the concept in "flesh and bones". The styling cues of the upcoming MG X-Motion Concept will be borrowed from the E-Motion Concept, a car that was also revelaled in China in 2017 during the Shanghai Motor Show. 

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As a reminder, the Roewe RX8 has a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that might be available on the MG SUV. With all the details we will come after the official unveiling.