Mercedes has created the Vision EQXX as a statement of what electricity can look like in the future. And when I say electricity, I mean the electric cars of the future.

The concept car uses a special electric drive and batteries, and in order to prove that battery-powered cars are here to stay, the Vision EQXX has planned a very long trip.

The idea was to travel as much as possible with one full battery. And it did. The car covered 747 miles on one charge, and the trip included lapping the Silverstone circuit.

The two-day, 14-hour-30 minute trip was in the same real-world conditions that anyone taking this drive would experience. The passengers used the air conditioning for over 8 hours along the way, and even stopped at the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix shop in Brackley, England.

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The trip started from Stuttgart, Germany, and ended at Silverstone.

On this journey, the Vision EQXX had an energy consumption of 8.3 kWh/100 kilometers, and the average speed was 83 km/h.

A few months ago, the Vision EQXX traveled from Germany to France (1007 kilometers) and averaged 8.7 kWh/100 kilometers.