The specialists from Dartz have announced plans of releasing a special Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. Dubbed Sahara G-eopard, the new model will be extended by 30 cm and will get a rear suicide doors. 

The styling package will be made by the Romanian designer Marius Dumitrascu and will get a few special body parts. Dartz also will offer an AC system which works when the car is off, a yacht inspired floor and a water dispenser with silver tubes.
The customers will also see some Russian diamonds, while the sound system will be signed by Bang & Olufsen. The sky roof and lighting can be controlled remotely and a BeoVision 11 Smart 3D TV will take care of the rear passengers entertainment.

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Dartz also have a surprise for the passengers. For the smokers they have prepared a portable smoking room and there will also be a portable dining room.  

Source: WCF