Daimler has recently published a presentation video for the Mercedes F 125, their latest concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month.
The car represents the automaker’s vision of emission free driving and hints at what a ‘vehicle could look like in two generations’. The F 125’s body uses a hybrid lightweight design consisting of a mix between carbon fiber, aluminium and high strength steel, while its powertrain integrates hydrogen fuel cels that feature a plug-in system.
In order for the automaker to truly place with new assistance systems the Mercedes F 125 is also featuring an all wheel-drive system while in terms of day to day usage the car is already suitable due to its output of 313 HP and driving range of up to 1,000 HP.
In order to make things as easy as possible, the automaker is also emphasising on natural interaction and offers a peak at the future ‘At Your Command’ infotainment system which will enable relatively complex and demanding functions to be controlled while driving the car.
Mercedes F 125 Presentation Video :

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Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube