Mercedes-Benz is preparing some big suprises. Several trademark fillings suggest that the German company is considering new names for the models. 

But registrations like this are tricky to take seriously because the company can reserve a name but never use it. 

According to Auto Guide, Mercedes-Benz registred on September 24 lots of new names: G 73, GLS 73, S 73, GLC 63, GLE 63, GLS 63, CLA 53, GLA 53, GLB 53, CLS 50, GLC 50, GLE 50, GLS 50, SL 50, SLC 50, A 40, CLA 40, GLA 40, GLB 40, GLC 40, GLE 40 and SLC 40. 

As a result, we might expect to see some new models in the Mercedes-Benz range. According to rumors, the 73 moniker will be for the AMG’s that will use a 4.0 liter V8 biturbo engine which delivers more than 800 horsepower and 1.000 Nm. 

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The 63 will be used also for an AMG version but in this case, the V8 will come "only" wiht 612 horsepower. The 53 model are now using the 3.0 liter straight-six units and the 48-volt electrical system. The 40 and 50 models are a bigger mistery. We see lots of compact models and those can also be some baby-AMG’s.