Tonight at the Airbus A380 center in Hamburg, Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off the new generation of the S-Class sedan. The new premium model comes with new electronic gadgets, more technology and a new look. 

On the outside, the 2014 S-Class comes with a CLA/CLS look. The new generation is a very different car than the one it replaces. It have to fill the gap left in the lineup by the Maybach and that’s why the 2014 S-Class feels more premium than the model it replaces. 

Speaking of the current model, the new S-Class is longer and it offer an extra 14 millimeter of legroom for the back passengers. Inside the cabin, the new flagship sedan comes with a modern look. 

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Under the hood, Mercedes-Benz has prepared three engine choices. The first one is the S350 who comes with the V6 3.0 liter diesel unit that can deliver 254 horsepower. The second choice is the S500 that comes with the V8 4.7 liter unit that delivers 448 HP. The last but not the least is a more eco version. We are talking about the S400 Hybrid. It has a V6 3.5 liter gasoline unit that works with an electric motor. Together, the power train can deliver 330 horsepower. 

But this is not all. Mercedes-Benz said that in the next year it will launch the S300 Hybrid. It uses the 2.1 liter four cylinder engine and a 20 kW electric motor. It can sprint from stand still to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds and has a fuel consumption of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Source: Mercedes-Benz