In recent years, Mercedes-Benz has come with some crazy cars made for off-road. The first one who started this series was the G63 AMG 6×6 and was followed by the G500 4×4².

Also, a German engineer has come with a special modification for the the old E-Class All Terrain and as a result, the vehicle got the 4×4² particle in its name. But today we see a different breed of off-road cars.

First of all, this is prototype and it will remain one, so don’t try to call your local dealer to ask for the price. Its name is EQC 4×4² and is based on the current EQC 400 electric SUV.

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The standard suspension was replaced with portal axles and as a result we have a bigger ride height. How big? 293 mm which is double than the standard ride height and 52 mm more than the G-Class.

Also, the fording depth was incresead by 150 mm for a total of 400 mm, while the height of the car now measures with 200 mm more.

By installing the portal axles, the car has new off-road specs: the approach and departure angles have increased from the regular EQC’s 20.6 and 20 degrees to 31.8, and 33 degrees, respectively.

The EQC 4×42 rides on 20-inch wheels wrapped in chunky 285/50 R20 tires.