Mercedes-AMG is not only using its expertise to develop performance cars, but also performance boats. Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing presented the all-new Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series special edition boat, alongside the breathtaking new on-road performance benchmark, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

As the 13th boat jointly developed in this longstanding partnership, this boat is the latest in an impressive line of highly exclusive special edition performance vessels. The new Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series promises direct and unfiltered performance, combined with iconic design and luxurious features, with exclusivity and craftsmanship unlike any other performance boat in its segment.

The 41’ Nighthawk AMG Edition draws on Cigarette’s advanced engineering, utilizing cutting-edge elements such as a unique twin-step hull design to deliver its remarkable on-water performance. A low center of gravity, which improves handling, and light overall weight, which improves speed, have been achieved using a completely carbon-fiber deck and an all carbon-fiber hardtop design. Intelligent use of composite materials and proprietary construction techniques improve structural integrity, delivering enhanced ride comfort and composed handling characteristics in even the most demanding conditions.

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The striking design of the 41′ Nighthawk AMG Edition is the result of the close collaboration between the Cigarette Racing Team, the Mercedes-AMG design team and Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz AG. Mercedes-AMG embodies the pinnacle of Performance Luxury on the road, and the Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series promises outstanding water performance, exciting driving pleasure and ultimate quality and craftsmanship down to the finest detail. The new Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series perfectly translates the shared philosophies between AMG and Cigarette, resulting in a truly remarkable special edition boat. With its dramatic proportions, benchmark-setting power and striking design, the new Nighthawk AMG Black Series delivers Mercedes-AMG’s legendary performance from its awe-inspiring Black Series model, creating an equally compelling role model on the water.

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Like the awe-inspiring AMG GT Black Series, this special edition boat also sets new standards in performance within its segment. For example, the new 41′ Nighthawk AMG Edition is the first in its model range to feature five racing-grade outboard engines. These five 4.6-liter V8 Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines create an industry-leading 450 peak propshaft horsepower each, and are controlled via an advanced shadowing throttle system, which allows only two levers to be used to control all five engines simultaneously.

The combined 2,250 HP output accelerates this new special edition boat to a remarkable top speed of more than 90 MPH. This is an achievement of particularly high significance for a boat in this large center console segment, which can comfortably hold more than ten people and still feature exceptional luxury amenities.

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Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing began their collaboration in 2007, primarily for organizing joint customer and marketing activities. Whether on water or on land, Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing are united by their focus on delivering the ultimate in performance. The special edition boats from this unique partnership share the same interpretation of Performance Luxury.