MEC Design have released a set of photos that represent the company’s study on the new Mercedes SLS AMG.  As you can see their take on SLS Gullwing AMG is a little on the extreme side because as they say, MEC Design wants to ‘takes things further than most tuners’.
At the front the MEC Design Mercedes SLS AMG features a deeper grill and curved air inlets, while at the rear the 2Face system shows the new diffusor. Even though not many details have been released, you can also see the MEC Design Mercedes SLS AMG has been fitted with side skirts and the aerodynamic styling kit makes the car sit lower to the ground.
Two sets of custom wheels have also been proposed for the MEC Design Mercedes SLS AMG, which are the mecxtremeIII three piece wheels and the 22 inch mecxtremeI.
MEC Design press release :
We’ve been doing some SLS studies.
The new SLS AMG has been receiving a lot of attention from lots of Mercedes fans including MEC Design. We have done a few studies to show that we have not lost our touch when it comes to taking things further than most tuners.
As usual the SLS study features everything that we do best – extreme lowering,  beautifully designed aerodynamic styling and the deepest sickest wheels.
(Image 1) The front bumper features a deep grill and curved air inlets. The mecxtremeIII three piece wheels are also shown.
(Image 2) The rear features the 2Face system which shows the extreme diffusor.
(Image 3) This time with the three piece 22 inch mecxtremeI wheel.
It has not been decided whether these studies from MEC Design will be the final design or whether there will be a small-batch production.

Source: MEC Design