The tuners from MEC Design have been very busy lately preparing two body kits for Mercedes’s top of the line models. These are the MEC Design Mercedes CL and S Class both featuring the company’s 2Face system that will apparently project two different looks by the same body kit.
The MEC Design Mercedes CL achieves its unique appearance by receiving a new front bumper that includes fog and driving lights, new side skirts that can feature an optional set of 5 LEDs, a rear bumper that integrates the diffusor plus the 4 oval tailpipe tips offering a deeper engine sound. The overall aspect is completed by a set of 22 inch mecxtreme I alloy wheels.
For the MEC Design Mercedes S Class the same principles were applied with a few differences like including a one piece spoiler instead of a three piece like on the CL version and the mecxtreme III alloys.
Also the MEC Design Mercedes CL and S Class received the ELS Lowering module that offers a 40-70 mm lowering range, so stability and handling improvements will be noticed.
MEC Design press release :
MEC Design has been very over the past few months, not only do they have their S Class body kit ready but the CL body kit is also available. Both models feature the MEC Design 2Face system that enables the body kit to have 2 completely different looks. The rear bumper features a sporty looking extreme diffusor although there is a more respectable elegant version. The front bumper has fog and driving lights although another version with a cool mesh insert is also available. Functionality doesn’t get left behind either as the side skirts are available with or without 5 LED which are linked to the internal lighting and come on when you open the door. The S Class is finished off with a one piece spoiler whilst the CL has a beautifully curved three piece spoiler.
Both models have massive 22” alloy wheels. The CL features the mecxtreme I with a black finish whilst the S Class has the mecxtreme III and is shown with the polish and black finish, although as MEC Design manufacture their wheels upon order they are available in a variety of finishes. The mecxtreme wheels are a three piece wheel with a forged centre piece that is high gloss compressed and come with stainless steel outer rims. The front axles have 10.5×22 with 285 tires whilst the rear axles have 11.5 x 22 with 295 tires.
They have been lowered using the MEC Design ELS Lowering module which allows for a special measure of between 40-70mm lowering. Later justification is possible and it is also available with arbitrary vehicle dynamics which raises the vehicle when travelling at 80km/h to 10mm.
The quad oval chrome tips are only a small reminder of the monster that lurks underneath. MEC Design is well known for the legendary sounds that their exhausts produce and with sound versions such as “Earthquake” and “Apocalypse” it’s understandable why. They are of course manufactured from mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, with a stainless steel resonator and muffler.
The interiors don’t miss out either as MEC Design’s talents extend to the inside. The multifunctional steering wheel with its distinctive ergonomically designed handles, precious wood inlay and leather make it a pleasure to grip. The floor mats are made from precious velours. They have Nubuck leather embroidered edging and feature the MEC Design logo. In the rear are the executive fold down tables which are made from solid woods to match your interior.
So whether you choose the S Class or the CL body kit you are sure to be driving one of the sickest most wanted rides in town all courtesy of European tuning experts MEC Design – a Synonym for Perfection.

Source: MEC Design