McLaren unveiled the all-new Senna GTR. The specially developed racing car is here and it will be made in just 75 units, each and one of them in a manually process. 

The car comes with lots of aero tweaks and with an astonishing price: 1.1 million GBP plus taxes. 

Under the hood of the McLaren Senna GTR is a V8 4.0 twin-turbo engine rated at 825 horsepower and 800 Nm peak of torque. The extre 25 HP over the engine in the McLaren Senna has been achieved by engine control recalibration and removing the secondary catalyst to reduce back pressure. 

The car has 1,188 kilograms and a 694 HP/ton which is extremly impressive. Three powertrain modes are available to the McLaren Senna GTR driver:  Wet, Track and Race. The new Wet setting, which provides greater support from the ESP and ABS electronic systems, is particularly intended for use with wet tyres. 

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The transmission has 7 speeds while the downforce is impressive: peak downforce exceeds 1,000kg.