We already know that the new McLaren MP4 12C is better than the 458 Italia in terms of performance. But Autocar asks another interesting question. And that is : how fast is it in comparison with the old McLaren F1?
The result should be interesting as the more focused McLaren F1 is a full blown racing car, which won the LeMans back in the days, so the new MP4 12C must have retain some of that DNA. The test seems like it was carried out on the Top Gear test track, and even though both models have almost the same amount of power, the old F1 weights around half a ton less then the MP4 12C.
Anyway, which one crossed the finish line first? We’ll you have to find out for yourself by pressing the play button.
McLaren F1 vs McLaren MP4 12C video :

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Source: Autocar via YouTube