McLaren has announced that it will unveil the new P1 GTR at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Now, the British car manufacturer has published a video teaser with a new model. Its name is 675LT and it is also scheduled to be revealed during the Swiss event. 

The upcoming McLaren model will sit alongside 625C and 650S and the LT comes from Longtail. According to the British officials, the model will be the lightest, the quickest, and the purest version of the range. It will feature a few exterior enhancements and a smaller mass. 

As you can imagine, the McLaren 675LT will come with the same V8 3.8 liter twin-turbo engine that will deliver 675 horsepower thanks to some tweaks. Additional details will be released in the weeks to come. According to the same press kit, the deliveries of the McLaren 675LT will kick off later this year and it will be offered exclusively in the coupe body.

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Source: McLaren