Mazda 2 is one little cute car. And it is with us for a long time now. The car is currently sold in Europe and Japan, and the manufacturer has prepared a slightly minor facelift. But only for the JDM version.

For 2023, Mazda 2 will be available with new special colors: Airstream Blue Metallic and Aero Gray Metallic. There are also two-tone wheels which can have body-colored accents, while the faux carbon fiber roof is available as an optional feature.

If you want to go deep in the pockets, Mazda has prepared some interesting graphics which can be ordered in orange and white.

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The model will be offered with radar cruise control, lane keeping assist sytem, heated steering wheel, heated front sits and some leather covered accessories.

Since the old Mazda 2 is currently sold in Europe, don’t be shocked if that too will get a facelift soon.