After a succesfull year in 2013, Maserati will continue to expand its rane with new models, announced today during an official press conference of Fiat SPA Group.
The first model will be the Kubang SUV, already previewed by a concept during 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The SUV will rival Porsche Cayenne and will offer four wheel drive along four engines already found on Maserati models: two V6 engines, with outputs of 350 and 425 hp, a top of the range V8 with more than 560 hp and a V6 diesel with a capacity of 3.0 litre and 250 hp.later will be available also a more powerful version of 350 hp.
After the Kubang, the range will also make room for the Alfieri production version. The car will be offered as a coupe and as a roadster, positioned bellow the current GranTurismo. It will be offered with rear wheel drive and all wheel drive along with a range of petrol and diesel engines. The coupe will be capable of offering 410, 450 and 520 hp from the same V6 engine.
Last but not least, the range will completely be renewed with a next generation GranTurismo. I will be different by the Alfieri offering a more powerful V8 engine.
via autonews