The German tuner Manhart Racing introduces a new custom car for the family men out there who fell that a vehicle that is convenient should also be sporty. For this project named the Family Racer they borrowed the BMW M5’s 550 PS engine and fitted it into the BMW 3 Series Wagon along with a seven-speed SMG gearbox. 
Exterior modification for the Manhart BMW M3 5.0 V10 Wagon include the vehicle’s front area, front fenders, side sills as well as a powerdome hood. The Manhart BMW M3 5.0 V10 Wagon also features rear wheel arches and the rear apron accommodates the new stainless steel exhaust tailpipes.
The Manhart BMW M3 5.0 V10 Wagon is offered with a limited slip differential and performance figures indicate that accelerating from 0 to 100 Km/h takes 4.3 seconds while top speed is clocked at 324 Km/h.
The Manhart BMW M3 5.0 V10 Wagon price is 120,000 Euro for the complete car package.

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Source: Manhart Racing