Lexus, Toyota’s luxury arm, hasn’t been in the electric market for so long. Over the years, the Japanese car manufacturers have paid more attention to hybrids and this is why electric cars are something new for Lexus.

Yes, they have the UX300e, but it is merely a variant of the current UX and does not run on a dedicated platform.

But this is soon to be changed. As Lexus will go for electric cars and the LF-Z Electrified is the concept car to show us what the future will look like in the Lexus range.

We don’t know if Lexus will build a production variant of the LF-Z Electrified, but it will definitely be the base in the design structure of future electric cars.

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Also, Lexus didn’t disclose the performance values and the electric powertrain details of the current LF-Z Electrified. So, in my opinion, take a close look at the pictures and wait for a future Lexus electric car to spot some of those details.