Porsche customers in the US have come together and get into a legal battle with Porsche. Why? According to this group of owners, the dashboards in some models are simply too dazzling to handle, reflecting into the windshield in such a manner that they had to wear sunglasses.

DashboardGlareClassAction.com claim this problem can cause serious accidents and the manufacturer has to take some steps to solve this. Porsche refuted the problem, saying that no accident has been caused under this circumstance. In order to avoid other legal battles, Porsche has decided to reimburse people for the cost of sunglasses. The compensation will be between 50 and 175 USD.

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The settlement applies to owners of any Porsche model produced between 2007 and 2016 which is equipped with interiors of these colors: Luxor Beige, Cognac, Natural Brown, Platinum Gray, or Sand Beige. The deadline is set for September 21. 

Source: Porsche