Land Rover is considering a new model, a small SUV, as the global brand director John Edwards, put it. 

There seems to be a boom in sales of baby SUVs, so Land Rover can’t afford to ignore it. As a result Edwards declared this for Autocar "I can see a sub-compact SUV working in all markets… and I don’t see a reason not to do it in the future."

If this project will be approved, the new SUV is expected to be about four meters long (30cm shorter than today’s Evoque). Also, rumor has it that it would be based on a bespoke platform likely to be shared with Jaguar Land Rover’s Indian owner, Tata, and new Chinese partner Chery.

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In terms of money, the price for this baby SUV will probably start at £18,000. This puts it somewhere between Mini Countryman and slotting under the next-generation Freelander.

Source: WCF