Not one of the most succesful brand of Fiat group, the Lancia brand will be reorganised in a last attempt to save the brand. According to latest news, lancia will be sold only on home market, in Italy.
The announcement was made by Fiat’s Alfredo Altavilla (Chief Operating Officer for Europe, Africa and Middle East), who said that the reorganization of the network will see Lancia as an Italian brand only.
This will not be the only change, as Lancia will axe the beautiful Delta, which hasn`t won so many hearts in the compact segment. Along the Delta, lancia will also abandon the Thema and Voyager, meaning that its range will only consist of Ypsilon.
The small car will stay around until 2018, when it should receive a new generation. If it is not so profitable until then, the Ypsilon will be axed too, marking the death of the Italian brand. Lancia has a long history in motorsport and in all European markets, which means a big loss for the auto industry.