Ferrari has also unveiled its plans for the future four years in a press conference held by Fiat SpA in the United States.
Sergio Marchionne announced that Ferrari will remain an exclusive brand, keeping with an annual production of just 7000 units sold globally. This number might increase to 10.000 if the number of clients will ask for it, but no more.
The new Ferrari strategy suggest that there will be a launch of a new model every year, to help revitalise the range and keep the public interested by its products. This means that every model will have a life cycle of just four years, followed by a facelift, scheduled to last also 4 years.
The facelift versions of the models will be recognized after the M letter, applied to they name. Exactly as it happened with the Ferrari California, recently unveiled during Geneva Motor Show.
Besides the standard models, Ferrari will also special series models, designed for high-end individuals, with lots of money and the will to stand out of the crowd. No word on engine plans, but marchionne suggested that Ferrari will be loyal to its V8 and V12 engine range.