Lamborghini officials are mad. Or the marketing department. We don’t knwo for sure, but we can tell you that the Italian car manufacturer has published a new teaser video with the upcoming Urus.

This time, the new SUV is howling on a race track. But more important, the design of the Urus can be seen on the center console display. In the new video we have the chance to see a large touchscreen display, some touch controls for the climate system and a special lever for changing gears. 

The new Lamborghini Urus comes with six driving modes which can be controlled via the ANIMA selector. The car will be offered with a V8 biturbo engine rated at 650 horsepower. A hybrid version is on the books and will come with the same engine. 

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The new Lamborghini Urus will be unveiled on December 4 and the deliveries are expected to start early next year.